Firstly, Alex Krycek, Mulder, and Scully belong to Chris Carter and 1013 productions. Good for them. These characters are being used for no monetary gain. Anna Jagielska Krycek is my own creation. Shield the dog rests in the Great Kennel in the Sky, and we miss him.

As it says on the main page, this is me giving Krycek a chance to redeem himself, and I think he does it quite nicely. The events begin after "Terma" and nothing concerning him following that is considered. Also, you could call this an "alternate universe" story, because I've taken the liberty of clearing Alex of some allegations...

I've conjectured on Krycek's past, but all CC ever gave us was a couple of tantilising tidbits, so I felt free to.

I gave Anna my father's family name, because it's distinctively from the Polish-Belarussian borderlands, and I had to give her an accurate name. I also give Ekaterina "Katie" Rosen credit for supplying me with Anna's history by telling me wonderful stories of her own childhood in late 70's Leningrad, and how she came to America in 1982.

The Russian transcription is phonetic, and my fault. :)

I know the FBI wouldn't be the ones serving the warrants I specified, but that's part of the alternate universe thing. How tenuous has the reality of the show been from time to time?

David Duchovny told me about Mulder's religion, so talk to him about it.

Blame Rebecca Roberts for giving me the idea in the first place, and for making me finish it when I wanted to give up. Thank Rebecca for giving me the poems and for graciously lending me her dog.

I couldn't have done this without Dave Matthews "crash" album, or my own dog, Mitsu, who is faithfully carrying out her orders from the Consortium to eradicate the neighbour's infidel capitalist cat.

That's a wrap.