Fanfiction Recommendations

I'm no expert, but I know what I like... Here are some of my favourite stories from various fandoms. I'm doing this plugging on my own time -- no-one asked for my references. ::grin:: Who'd want 'em?

These are pretty much exclusively M/M slash. If you've come this far on my site and still don't know what that means, you probably should go.


Punch by LaT
boxing was never so sexy...

Layers by Bone
seven part story featuring Fraser and Ray K. to say much more would give it away...

True North by Crysothemis
"Post-Call of the Wild, Maggie Mackenzie unwittingly reveals Fraser's deepest secret" ... can he and Ray repair the damage? take the evening to read this one

Damaged Goods by Crysothemis
"Asylum has its price" ... but you won't mind reading how it's paid. ;-)

A Thousand Words by Kellie Matthews
Ray K. + Fraser Christmas story. makes me cry every damned time. warning: contains unrepentant abuse of Nutella


Swan by Dawn Pares
"Krycek's almost candid, and Mulder's nearly friendly. Or not." there's a follow-up snippet, too.

Lavender and Lye by Te and Dawn Pares
"Mulder and Alex play a game" (and it ain't Scrabble)

How To Throw A Curveball by Courtney Gray
major series with major angst and major smut and it's major good.

Russian Roulette by torch
torch is my religion, and this the story that converted me to her cult

past and stars by torch: Witness Tree -> Fool Star -> No New Year -> Came Down Like Water
abstract minimalist Krycek


the Dilation Collection by Monica Anthony
to all who hate songfic, I say: Methos. MacLeod. Ani diFranco. Weep. it's fucking amazing.

Notes by Monica Anthony
it's smutty AND multi-coloured! an evening of pwp fun


The Old Days by Barb G: Brothers In Arms -> Nine Points of the Law -> Phantom Pains
bittersweet and dysfunctional yet strangely sexy... kind of like Billy and Joe ;-)


China by torch
Methos/Mulder and a small town mystery

Something Wicked by torch
Methos/Krycek ... needs to be experienced

the Rapture by wombat
it's the end of the world, and we've got Methos/Mulder surrounded by ::deep breath:: Highlander-X-Files-NYPD-Blue-South-Park-Inspector-Morse-the-Knights-Templar-and more! Music by the Who.

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