krycek's korner

I was the fic writer who brought a sensitive Kronos to legions of horrified Highlander fans. now, changing universes for a while, I bring you Krycek the Nice Guy, undoubtedly to my everlasting infamy. (well, I can hope.)

I am one who believes in the ultimate redemption of people. circumstances alter cases. given the opportunity, people can make choices that alter their entire lives. and so, because I can, I gave Alex Krycek that opportunity. I think you'll be pleased at how things turn out.

background: there are 4 distinct parts to this story here, each with its own "theme", if you will. each title reflects the "theme".
these begin in the time after the fourth season episode "Terma", with some (but not all) of what followed considered. obviously, most recent developments concerning Krycek are not considered.

author's notes, acknowledgements and disclaimers

(btw, as soon as I can figure out how to do Cyrillic in html, the Russian translations of the titles will appear next to the link. mainly because I think it will look nice.)

alex's story

how it all begins

idyll, and interruption

reconciliation, and (re?)birth

how it all ends (but begins again)(coming soon)

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